2008-2009 Finish: 41-41
2009 Draft Picks: 16th, 26th

Pre-Draft 2009-10 Projected Starters:
PG Derrick Rose
SG Ben Gordon
SF Luol Deng
PF Tyrus Thomas
C Joakim Noah
Key Reserves:
PG Kirk Hinrich
SF John Salmons
PF Tim Thomas
C Brad Miller
C Aaron Gray

What The Bulls Do Well:


The Bulls shot out of the regular season and into the first round of the
playoffs like a bat out of hell. They forced the defending world champion
Boston Celtics to the brink in a stunning seven game series that ranks among
the best.


First year coach Vinny Del Negro led this young team to a playoff appearance
and rode the strengths of Rookie of the Year Derrick Rose to the seventh seed
in the East. Rose had a stellar debut, posting 16.3 points, 3.9 rebounds, and
a team-leading 6.3 assists per game.


Ben Gordon came back on a one-year tender and proved to the city of Chicago
that they made a grave mistake by giving the heavy long-term money to Luol
Deng instead of the former UConn scorer. Gordon led the team in scoring (20.7
ppg), toughness, clutch shooting, and overall moxie.

Ben Gordon的表現證明去年球隊選擇先續約Deng而不是他是個錯誤。

Two young bigs acquired via the Eddy Curry deal finally busted out last
season. Ty Thomas added 10.8 points, 6.4 rebounds, and a team-leading 1.91
blocks per contest, while Joakim Noah put up career numbers with 6.7 points,
1.38 blocks, and a team-high 7.5 rebounds.

從Eddy Curry的交易中獲得的兩個年輕球員,TT跟Noah,在這個球季打的很不錯。

The deadline deal that brought in Brad Miller and John Salmons was a huge
spark for the team. Both contributed and Salmons turned into an animal of a
scorer when called upon.

交易截止日前所交易來的兩名球員,Brad Miller和John Salmons也都有著巨大的貢獻。

Greatest Areas Of Improvement:

For the Nine Millionth Consecutive Year, Interior Scoring
Sure, they have plenty of talented big men – Noah, Thomas, even Brad Miller
– but none of those guys can score on the block! Imagine if they had a beast
in the middle who could command a double team and then kick it out to Gordon,
Deng, Hinrich, Whiny Tim or Salmons for an open three, or dish it to a
slashing D-Rose, Thomas, or Noah. Then this team will be complete.


A Fall-Back Option at Shooting Guard If Gordon Leaves
While its true that if Gordon leaves via free agency, the team can just start
Hinrich at two or Salmons and Deng at the two and three interchangeably, I’m
sure the Bulls would rather have a full time natural option at the position.


Who’s Gone Number 16 Recently?


The 16-spot has been very good over the past three years, offering up key
bench rotation guys in Rodney Carney, Nick Young, and Marreese Speights. The
last time the Bulls had the 16th pick back in 2006, they selected Carney and
sent him to Philly in exchange for Thabo Sefolosha, who now resides in
Oklahoma City.


Marreese Speights, Philadelphia 76ers

Nick Young, Washington Wizards

Rodney Carney, Chicago Bulls (traded to Philadelphia)

Joey Graham, Toronto Raptors

Kirk Snyder, Utah Jazz

Who Should The Bulls Target?


- BJ Mullens of Ohio State

Mullens is a big man project that is more suitable to play off the pick and
roll and inside with the dangerous D-Rose. While the Bulls are inundated with
project big men on the defensive side of the ball, it would be nice to add
one who is extremely skilled on the offensive end.


- Earl Clark of Louisville

Earl Clark is another intriguing prospect for this Bulls team. He’s another
huge versatile body who can put points on the board in a hurry and provide
and inside-outside presence much like a younger version of Whiny Tim Thomas.

多才多藝的選手,可以得分,會是年輕版的Tim Thomas。

- Tyler Hansbrough of UNC

Hansbrough is a prototypical Bulls selection. They LOVE…repeat, LOVE
selecting guys that are collegiate studs who starred in the Final Four.
D-Rose, Noah, Ty Thomas, Deng, Gordon, Hinrich, and even Chris Duhon. Plus
Hansbrough fits into their desire for an energetic big man who can score.


- DeJuan Blair of Pittsburgh

Blair is a monster of a man, who can score with his (big) butt to the basket.
The only knock on Blair’s game is that he’s too small to put up big scoring
numbers in the paint on taller stronger NBA men. Look no further than his
dominance of 7-3 tower of a human, Hasheem Thabeet, in their two head-to-head


Picks Over the Past Five Years

The Bulls have used the draft well to construct their team. In 2006, the jury
is still out on whether the guys they drafted were in fact better than the
guys they traded them for – they traded both selections: LaMarcus Aldridge
to Portland for Ty Thomas; and Carney to Philly for Thabo Sefolosha. Last
year, they jumped up from the 9th best odds to win the lottery and the right
to select one of the game’s premier young superstars, Derrick Rose.


Derrick Rose, 1st
Sonny Weems, 39th (traded to Denver)

Joakim Noah, 9th
Aaron Gray, 49th
JamesOn Curry, 51st

LaMarcus Aldridge, 2nd (traded to Portland)
Rodney Carney, 16th (traded to Philadelphia)


Ben Gordon, 3rd
Luol Deng, 7th
Chris Duhon, 38th




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